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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a deadly pandemic going on.

Many people can’t get vaccinations (e.g. young kids) and it can still cause potentially life-long disability even when vaccinated and if the acute disease phase is “mild” or not noticeable.

Wear a mask.

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The Gohan soda surprised me and actually tasted like white grape soda. I was expecting something stupidly sweet and candy-like, but I was pleasantly surprised. Won't buy it again but glad I scratched the itch of wondering about it. Maybe I'll try Majin Buu next.

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I planted some ground covering wild flowers yesterday and there's already some new tiny green that wasn't there before O:
Dirt is full of old roots even though I tried my best to take as much out as possible, so I'm hoping they'll survive anyway.

It's been years since I closed my Tower Unite commissions and every now and then I still get emails asking for them.

If you're a and looking for gigs I totally recommend to check out Tower Unite. It's a bit of a clunky process to bring the characters there but it's doable and nobody else seems to have taken my place in years so market will be all yours.

Today's haul.
The Bundaberg is so satisfying to open, even more than opening a regular soda can, and it tastes good.
I didn't buy the Bob Ross one, it feels weird since he's been gone for so long, but it was an interesting one. It swears it helps with relaxation haha
Also I edited this on my phone using Photopea, it's surprisingly easy (although weird at points) to use on mobile. Just wanted to have it in one pic and try out editing on my phone :p

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Summary: To make pixel art support different outfits or character visible states, make your art where the RG colour channels represent XY in another texture. Then you can change that second texture to modify the character's appearance (add accessories, mud, etc). Similar to how polygonal characters are UV mapped.

Seems like a step beyond palette swaps since they normally don't have a unique colour for each pixel in the animation.

I got a new pan and it has changed home cooking so much. Old one was really bad, wish I'd done this sooner. Now just gotta buy a cover for it cuz I forgot 😅
If you've been thinking your pan needs replacement this is me telling you it's totally worth it to do it asap. And don't get a teflon one!

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This damn game will be the death of me! I am playing it too much again. Another little indie gem, so simple and yet so deep 👌🏻
(if you don't know it, it's Kingdom 👑 by Thomas Van Der Berg)

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you all seem to like void! just so you know, I usually draw him doing what people suggests me :D
what should void be doing? ♥ #MastoArt #art #mastodon

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Oh hi! I guess I should do an #introduction

I'm Lauren, I'm a Canadian artist who works at a small game studio. I love plants, cats, and Dungeons and Dragons, and I also love to draw all those things. Give me a follow if you like my art, and don't mind a wildly inconstant posting schedule! #MastoArt

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⚠️ Job alert ⚠️

We're looking for a Technical Artist (Remote) to work with us on our next game.

➡️ Find out more:

Please RT and share with anyone who might be interested!


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Hello! ♥ this is my first art post! I'm Vessoaran and I make pixelart, illustrations and sometimes design video game assets ♥

#introduction #PixelArt

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Remember to tag your art!

The fediverse (the network of interconnected servers that communicate with each other, of which is one) relies on hashtags to distribute content, and for people on different servers to find each other.

I'd recommend one general tag like #MastoArt or #FediArt per post, and also 1-3 more specific tags, like #ceramics or #fabric or #blender3d .


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