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Mild spoilers for last seasons of Better Call Saul and Ozark 

Ok first of all holy hell, Ozark is so heavy, but I need to finish it. I'm in the last few episodes.
I keep finding myself telling my gf that they "pulled a Howard"

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Wow, has released updated versions for the Dungeon Keeper 2 KMF to OBJ conversion. Update my article:
#gamedev #dungeonkeeper

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Last night, while helping me avoid sociable drunk people on the train, @opponent019 asked about one of my favourite art pieces.

Here it is: Constable Chuu.

It was the first piece of art I made where I thought, 'I'm not too bad at this.'

#fantasy #disability

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Hey there✨

If you are/know a 💥✨VFX artist ✨💥 or a 🧙‍♂️Technical artist 🧙‍♂️ that's looking for work/freelance gigs, let me know!

I'm compiling a list so that I can potentially forward any work I can't take up in the future😅

Feel free to drop your work in the comments too!

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Has anyone found a good twitter -> Mastodon importer/founder of contacts yet?

I just learnt through this meme that apparently my hometown's water problem is so bad that now it's only available from 4am - 10am. No water will come out of faucets out of that time.
It's that bad because of companies like Coca Cola :)

Mmmh got covid, seems like the omicron variant, basically did nothing but sleep all day yesterday and it helped a ton.
The worst was the first night, my throat got so inflamed that I had nausea and problems breathing, kept waking up. If it had closed any more I might have needed to go to the hospital.
Now I just have a sore throat and a very annoying cough with a mild headache. I think I'm lucky for that and that I can take days off work without worrying. You don't want to catch this. Take care.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a deadly pandemic going on.

Many people can’t get vaccinations (e.g. young kids) and it can still cause potentially life-long disability even when vaccinated and if the acute disease phase is “mild” or not noticeable.

Wear a mask.

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The Gohan soda surprised me and actually tasted like white grape soda. I was expecting something stupidly sweet and candy-like, but I was pleasantly surprised. Won't buy it again but glad I scratched the itch of wondering about it. Maybe I'll try Majin Buu next.

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I planted some ground covering wild flowers yesterday and there's already some new tiny green that wasn't there before O:
Dirt is full of old roots even though I tried my best to take as much out as possible, so I'm hoping they'll survive anyway.

It's been years since I closed my Tower Unite commissions and every now and then I still get emails asking for them.

If you're a and looking for gigs I totally recommend to check out Tower Unite. It's a bit of a clunky process to bring the characters there but it's doable and nobody else seems to have taken my place in years so market will be all yours.

Today's haul.
The Bundaberg is so satisfying to open, even more than opening a regular soda can, and it tastes good.
I didn't buy the Bob Ross one, it feels weird since he's been gone for so long, but it was an interesting one. It swears it helps with relaxation haha
Also I edited this on my phone using Photopea, it's surprisingly easy (although weird at points) to use on mobile. Just wanted to have it in one pic and try out editing on my phone :p

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Summary: To make pixel art support different outfits or character visible states, make your art where the RG colour channels represent XY in another texture. Then you can change that second texture to modify the character's appearance (add accessories, mud, etc). Similar to how polygonal characters are UV mapped.

Seems like a step beyond palette swaps since they normally don't have a unique colour for each pixel in the animation.

I got a new pan and it has changed home cooking so much. Old one was really bad, wish I'd done this sooner. Now just gotta buy a cover for it cuz I forgot 😅
If you've been thinking your pan needs replacement this is me telling you it's totally worth it to do it asap. And don't get a teflon one!

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