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I'm hoping to help build a community that celebrates games and the craft of creating interactive experiences. It's a space to play together, share with each other, learn new things, build connections, and help one other grow! We take the broad view of the term "Game Maker". Whether you're in games or around them, fresh faced or veteran, digital or physical, this is a space for you.

Blown away by “Mario Kart Live”. What a magical experience.

Logged in to "The Under Presents" for the first time in a while, to enjoy the run of live actors they've got.

And realized I had the starter mask again

It took some doing, but I got my Cheese mask back. Woo. (Crob is my favorite though)

There’s something very fun and illicit about profiling an arbitrary game and seeing all of the mess and compromises laid bare. The weird rendering pipelines, the poor object pooling or woefully un optimized net code, all right there in front of you, exposed to the light of day.

Size comparison of the two black holes imaged by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration: M87*, at the heart of the galaxy Messier 87, and Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), at the centre of the Milky Way.

Have successfully refilled my water bottle instead of repeatedly grabbing it, realizing it was empty, and placing it back on my desk.

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So far today I:
✅ Ate a thing
✅ Took my pills
❌ Drank water

Just had a realization about the game - it's totally a Maslow's Heirarchy Of Needs story.

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Devoured "Citizen: Sleeper" last night and absolutely loved it, narratively and mechanically.

Longplay Games is a tiny independent video game studio which creates fun little sci-fi games. You can follow at:

➡️ @Longplay_Games

More info from their website at

Their games are available for Linux and Windows PCs.

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Jenn and I have spent the last few days / all of tonight watching "The 10th Kingdom" and it's been a lovely ride through the peak television experience of the year 2000.

Playing anything fun this weekend? I’ve been poking at the Homeworld Mobile beta. It’s definitely Mobile, but also has a good amount of Homeworld.

currents has taken me much longer than i thought it would to finish (mostly because i actually have some patience to get in a suitable amount of testing before pulling the trigger) but it is really, REALLY close....please drop good marketing tactics for a solo dev with a day job
#gamedev #indiedev

As a Developer Relations Engineer, I don't spend much time actually building games these days. Rather, I help lots of other folks make their VR games better!

Here's the kind of stuff I do!

Also AREA MAN LIVES is coming out on Quest (and Steam) on May 12th, from the lovely folks at Numinous Games.

Be a radio host! Have weird stuff happen! Enjoy the sultry voices of Max Greenfield, Ronan Farrow, and Joel McHale!

I can't talk about any of the things I'm working on, such is the power of an MNDA.

You can just assume I'm giving lots of feedback on things I can't mention.

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