Also, I can't share my appreciation of enough. I'm terrible at art, and limiting myself to a small palette is necessary to force me to make decisions and actually make something, and the fact that the PICO-8 palette is available by default is a godsend.

Opening for the first time in a long time. I have an idea for a fun thing, maybe. Not very unique probably, but happy to be creating nonetheless. Feels good to exercise the creative muscles again.

wall of text; gemini protocol; nostalgia from someone in their 20s 

Not something I've talked about much, but I'm a huge fan of "small web", thus why Mastodon is so great to me. I miss the days of the internet before it was entirely about startup, corporations, or enterprises. I miss the days before "personal brands" when people just made a personal site that said "Hi, I'm Joan, and here are photos of my cats" and that was a thing you could stumble into.

Basically, I'm making a gemini site, and will be posting it here when it's done. Like the TOR network, gemini requires special browsers or extensions to access, but it is a special protocol that removes all of the fluff from the web and presents simple, beautiful text. You can serve binary files separately if you really need to share images or video.


To save time I'm going to start referring to Dominos Pizza as DP, eg) texting all my friends "down for some hot DP tonight?". It's all about efficiency baby.

Howdy y'all, I'm Alice, 27 year old transfemme extraordinaire, and I work in Linux SysOps at a big cloud services provider. I help @esdin keep this instance alive as crisis support, and my instance is like a free sandbox for him to break before breaking this one, so we can ensure you have the smoothest possible experience.

I am a by night, when I have the energy, but I almost never have anything to show, as I'm not a good artist, programmer, or writer. But I am lovable! I run a Stars Without Number game currently, building a large-scale galactic sector and keeping threads from unraveling.

is the greatest invention mankind has ever come up with, and I love all things related to it, so feel free to tag me and I'll follow you if you are doing anything with that.

I hope to have more to share here soon. Love and kisses.

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