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Welcome to PeopleMaking.Games

We're building a community that celebrates games and the craft of creating interactive experiences. It's a space to play together, share with each other, learn new things, build connections, and help one other grow! We take the broad view of the term "Game Maker". Whether you're in games or around them, fresh faced or veteran, digital or physical, this is a space for you.

Building Community

Our instance is invite only, to facilitate organic growth. The hope is that, by letting friends invite friends, we can maintain a positive and supportive culture with strong connections between each and every member. Please invite people responsibly, but also don't be stingy! Bring folks you care about, folks who inspire you, and new faces excited to create!


By partipcating on PeopleMaking.Games, you agree to follow the rules below to the best of your ability.

  1. Be respectful of one another
  2. No discrimination or harassment, including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia.
  3. No explicit (NSFW) content without content warnings and/or sensitive media markers. Explicit content must not be used in user avatars or header images.
  4. No incitement of violence or promotion of violent ideologies.
  5. Provide appropriate content warnings on potentially sensitive posts. We permit and even encourage topical discussions, but ask that you respect the rights of others to have autonomy over the content they engage with.
  6. Posts containing art not owned by the poster must be credited, ideally with a link back to the source.
  7. The actions of individuals you bring to the community reflect back on you. Be responsible with your invites, and avoid posting an invite link in a public place.
Use your best judgement, and be good to one another!

Mastodon Server Covenant

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Filtered media

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Suspended servers

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Server Reason
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https:honkwerx.tech Transphobia, Transphobic Admin
nicecrew.digital Extremism / Bigotry
pl.tkammer.de Extremism / Bigotry
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solagg.com Followbots, Spam
terrible.place Extremism / Bigotry (living up to its name)


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