is there a project "out there" to have game world running on federated servers?

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@fionir cheat on the mountains by making the town take up a lot of the mountainside?

@APoD imagine how much energy was released in that one ripple

Tried zooming in tight and... it was really nice! Love it

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Open UX Design Role? 

I am helping a dear friend of mine who is looking for a role in the UX design field. They have experience in the full UX design process, defining user personas, research, UI design and mockups, user testing, branding, journey mapping, etc. They are working now, and as usual for UX, completely undervalued and underpaid. If anyone has any roles at an ethical-ish place, at least one that pays a living wage, that would be great, ta. Boosts welcome.

@twobraids my goodness. Thats truly beautiful and also, humbling

@vicorva sorry for the tasteless attempt at humor 😬 was actually a little tipsy at the time

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Whew, finally managed to finish this one :) i really hope you'll like today's #PixelArt thing!

And if you would like to support me and buy some merch with this art - go here:

Thank you for checking out my stuff, you are seriously AWESOME! ❤️

#MastoArt #noxp

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Working on my biggest project yet. I made this owl necklace, every feather individual. It was scary but I am proud I did it :D
I don't know if I should paint it.

#clay #polymerclay #owl #jewelry #mastoArt

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Because it doesn't happen very often, I celebrate every time somebody purchases one of my maze prints.

This is the maze called "Drought". I started drawing it during the wildfires of 2020. We were confined in our home as the air outside was over-the-top hazardous with smoke and 4mm of ash settled on every surface outside. I drew as I waited to hear the evacuation order that, thankfully, never came.

#maze #digitalart #digitalartist #mazeart

@twobraids fascinating! Are your mazes "solvable" (do they have an entrance and only 1 way out)?

Horror (tootfic) 

@LovesTha @welshpixie
For me, the horror is in imagining what could happen next

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I updated my Ko-Fi a little. I am not really aiming to reach the goal (I mean it would be nice but it is totally fine either way) I just thought I would share it because it has been a while since I talked about it haha. You do not have to do anything, sharing is enough support. :sharesloved: 💖

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