So... I'd really like to consolidate my mastodon accounts to a single instance.

Problem is I'm pretty heavily into fashion as a hobby and I don't feel that posting that stuff really fits with the local community here.

I'm experimenting with a account for that stuff but it feels kinda... detatched, not what I'm after as much.

Has anyone else figured out a good way to handle this sort of thing?


@cratesmith I just now finished moving my account to a new instance and before deciding to do that I was running into the same issue. Turns out you can follow Local timelines from any public instance! being one of them :)
I explain how here:

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@opponent019 I feel this is not really what I'm after.

It only solves the problem when I'm using it on my phone, partly at that.

@cratesmith Ooh then I'm not sure if Mastodon has the functionality you're looking for, other than finding an instance that's specifically about the two hobbies or settle for a more generalist community.
The beauty of Mastodon is that you curate your own Home timeline so it doesn't really matter too much where you are you can have a timeline of the interests/people you want to see.

@opponent019 @cratesmith you are more than welcome to talk about any and all topics over here at; It’s a community for games folk to call home, but I definitely hope our local feed will be filled with all sorts of topics, since we’re more than just games 💜

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