@ItsBrody There is a VERY active Star Citizen community. For an "Alpha", it's a pretty deep game already!

If you have an account, or ever want to hang out, my org is over at vngd.net/discord

I’ve been doing a lot of work on a website for a Star Citizen org I help run. Am kind of boggled how much tooling I’ve built.

I am suddenly very hungry but it is 4:34am where I am and I was half asleep… ugh.

I’ve been sick for about a week, but finally started coming out of it yesterday, just in time to celebrate my birthday!

CA: faces, cake

I think any company engaging in rainbow capitalism should provide direct financial compensation to every LGBTQIA+ member.

We take check, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle.

Back to my webdev shenanigans for the Star Citizen org I help run. Have been adding a whole ton of site<—>discord bot hooks and prettifying the hell out of any links from the site members post.

Am going to need to update the bot side commands to use discord’s newer style command stuff at some point and that’s going to take a bit of doing.

@phanjam that seems like a totally doable thing, to build ActivityPub into existing game engines as a plugin.

Don't forget to eat food, drink water, stay on top of your meds, and make yourself comfortable

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Hi Fediverse. I've been avoiding Social Media because World, but just wanted to say hello.


Hope you're all doing well and taking any self care time you need 💜

@opponent019 oh no! Hope you recover to 100% quickly, and get some good rest

@transponderings Have settled in with Metatext for my mobile fediverse needs for the past few months. As your review said, none of these are perfect, but it’s good to see so many folks trying to Make It Work Well!

Blown away by “Mario Kart Live”. What a magical experience.

@briantaylor yaaaay! I did not have water....time for some water! (I had soda though which is kinda water)

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