We need to deplatform hatred faster, but I’ll take every win we can get

I’ve been sick for about a week, but finally started coming out of it yesterday, just in time to celebrate my birthday!

CA: faces, cake

Blown away by “Mario Kart Live”. What a magical experience.

As a Developer Relations Engineer, I don't spend much time actually building games these days. Rather, I help lots of other folks make their VR games better!

Here's the kind of stuff I do!

Took one of my ships out for a bounty mission out in the middle of nowhere last night. Very pretty scenery.

The fight went hard; ended up managing to land a missile in his engines and he tumbled from 80km down to the ground. Managed to crawl back home with majorly imbalanced thrusters and pull in for repairs.

Moving my entire inventory to a Space Station so I never have to touch ground again.

This is so much in-game money's worth of crap... pray for me that I don't somehow explode.

@AliceVie My implementation is SUPER hacky (should have added it to the configuration page), but as a thank you for continually helping out, I figured out how to do this on the /about/more page

Forgot to send the complete message, but we only had a few merge conflicts, welcome to 3.5.2!

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Update to Mastodon 3.5.2 incoming shortly; as always we will aim for as close to zero downtime as possible.

Migrating us over to S3 storage this afternoon; should be no downtime but I never trust 'shoulds'

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