Howdy y'all, I'm Alice, 27 year old transfemme extraordinaire, and I work in Linux SysOps at a big cloud services provider. I help @esdin keep this instance alive as crisis support, and my instance is like a free sandbox for him to break before breaking this one, so we can ensure you have the smoothest possible experience.

I am a by night, when I have the energy, but I almost never have anything to show, as I'm not a good artist, programmer, or writer. But I am lovable! I run a Stars Without Number game currently, building a large-scale galactic sector and keeping threads from unraveling.

is the greatest invention mankind has ever come up with, and I love all things related to it, so feel free to tag me and I'll follow you if you are doing anything with that.

I hope to have more to share here soon. Love and kisses.

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